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Catchment Controls
Regression models have been used to relate water temperature to air temperature. The statistical parameters that govern these relationships inform whether sites are vulnerable to warming. Regression parameters have been related to catchment characteristics in order to better understand the controls on the thermal regime of the River Dove and Manifold.

Landscape Shade
High resolution records of water temperature indicate that shading of river channels has an important control on the thermal regime. We use landscape models and maps of tree cover to explore the importance of shading channels in the management of river temperatures.

Hydrological Effects
The hydrology of rivers has an important control on thermal regime. Groundwater inputs into the River Dove have a substantial impact on river temperature and create a spatially patchy thermal regime. Thermal waves have also been identified and their propagation through the River Dove and Manifold has been studied.

Ecological Implications
Water temperature is critical to aquatic life. Through collaboration, in particular with Dr. Nick Everall, we are exploring the complex links between aquatic ecology and river temperature. For example, we have been able to identify changes in the development of mayfly between years and sites due to changing water temperatures.